I’m New

Welcome!  Walking into a new place can be difficult, we welcome you to join us no matter if you have been going to church for decades or if this is the first time.    When you walk in you will be greeted at the door, and walk through the welcome area.  

Children – If you have small children, you can take them to the nursery  or have them with you in the pew.  We don’t mind a little noise!  Families with kids are invited to sit up front so the kids can see better — they pay more attention when they can see what’s going on.    There will be a time for kids to come forward for a message.  If your child doesn’t want to come up that is fine – you can come with them or observe this first week.

Dress we don’t expect you to dress up, come as you are, you will see people in all sorts of clothing.

What happens in church?   We sing some songs, some are old hymns and some are newer praise choruses.  The words are projected on the wall or in the bulletin.  Scripture will be read and the pastor will give a 12-15 min message.  There will be an offering but don’t feel pressured to give, we expect members to support the ministry of the church as part of their responsibility as members.  After church there are cookies and drinks in the room behind the worship space.  As you leave the pastor will like to shake your hand – let them know this is your first time.

Communion We serve communion once a month on the first Sunday of the month.  All are welcome to receive the gift of Holy Communion.  We don’t care if you are Methodist.  It represents God’s desire to live in you and be with you wherever you go. There is gluten free bread, please ask.